Finding the Perfect Banquet Hall: 5 Rules

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Are you looking to find the best banquet hall in town? Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, retirement dinner, corporate meeting, family reunion, or charity fundraiser, your venue choice is key. If you want your event to be a smash hit, then you need to have the best venue possible, and you need to know what makes a great banquet hall and what makes excellent service. Luckily for you, Hodel’s Country Dining banquet experts wrote down the five major rules for finding the perfect venue for any occasion.

1. Capacity Size


Banquet hall auditions are open! One of the first essential qualities to look for in a banquet hall is capacity size. You know the type of event you are planning to have better than anyone else. Therefore, how many guests should your dream venue accommodate comfortably?

The size of the venue you select will have a significant impact on the success of your party. If you choose a room that is too large, you may feel compelled to occupy space you don’t need. Similarly, if you select a hall that is too small, your guests may feel cramped.

  1. Reexamine your guest list. Know the number of people attending your event. Select the hall that best suits the capacity needs of your party.
  2. Note: Larger halls can always be scaled down to accommodate more intimate parties with decor and fitting statement pieces. Always err on the side of caution and choose a larger space for your big day.

Hodel’s has five beautiful banquet rooms that accommodate anywhere from 20 people to 500 guests.

2. Location

Location, location, location! Now that you have found a banquet hall that’s affordable and fits your guest list, you need to make sure its location is accessible. Is the venue far out of the way? Is the hall too hard to find? Hodel’s is conveniently located right off the 99 freeway. Take the Olive exit west and turn right at Knudsen Dr.

3. Interiors

The interiors of the banquet halls or hall you select should be clean, up-to-date, and fully functional.


4. Amenities

The venues worth your time, effort, and money will provide basic amenities for your event. Hodel’s can handle anywhere from 50 to 4,000 guests. Best of all, we can supply your event with fine china, flatware, stemware, quality disposable ware, or linen per person. Furthermore, we offer plated meals upon request! From an Hors D’oeuvres party to a full course dinner, customize your meal from our extensive menu.

5. Price Tag

No one wants to break the bank while they enjoy their wedding day or birthday party. Again, venues that do not have multiple halls to choose from, don’t supply basic stemware and are located on bad sides of town are not worth it. Instead, consider your guest list, amenities, and budget before you choose your dream venue. Hodel’s aims to satisfy your every craving and make your dream event happen. Contact us today!

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