Catering: 5 Things That Make a Great Caterer

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Like most careers, flourishing as a catering professional takes training and hard work. While caterers have a lot in common with chefs, they experience unique challenges that chefs typically do not deal with. Caterers are business people as well as food people; they manage marketing, and they handle customer relations because they want your event to be a smash hit.

At Hodel’s, we believe five things make a caterer stand out.  


Although catering encompasses a lot of things, the most important part of catering is the food. If you think a fancy venue and fabulous decorations will cover for lousy food, you’re wrong. Your guests notice when meals are cold, tasteless, or prepared without skill and thought. Finding a catering company that has chefs with a vision and years of experience means your event will run smoothly; a good caterer brings you better meals, and they get the food right the first time.

People Skills

Good caterers have menu ideas ready for clients. But a great caterer will sit down with customers and design a menu that is specifically for their event. At Hodel’s Country Dining, we pride ourselves on our customizable menu and options. Our goal is to continue to build our values-driven, country dining legacy by practicing excellent customer service. A happy customer is an ultimate gift to us. Furthermore, client referrals from satisfied customers mean we get to serve more and more of the Bakersfield community.

Management Skills

A great caterer has to manage their cooks, staff, servers, and hosts to make sure that your entire event runs the way it should. Everyone must work together as a team to be aware of place settings, food safety including allergies, schedules, decor, menu items, and much more. Our entire staff is committed to providing you and your guests an impeccable event every time.

Great Attention to Detail

At Hodel’s, we don’t only serve delicious, quality food, we will host your event and provide you with fine china, flatware, stemware, quality disposable ware, and linen per person if needed. We have experience in all kinds of parties, from company events to birthdays, weddings, luncheons, group meetings, fundraisers, and more. Check out our excellent catering menu or contact us if you’re interested in customizing your own.

Creative Flair

We will personalize your menu, decor, and any accommodations needed. Even if you have an idea in mind, but you do not have any examples of it, you can count on our staff and chefs to bring it to life. We’ve been there before; some recipes need adjustments because of food allergies, religious dietary needs, or your personal preferences. No matter how you slice it, we cater every event imaginable. Get in touch with our team today!

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