Join Us On Fridays For a Family BBQ

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BBQ Fridays at Hodel’s

Join Us For A Delicious BBQ Meal With Friends and Family

Start your weekend off the right way on Friday’s, with our home-cooked BBQ menu. Choose from our delicious tri-tip roast, brisket, sausage, ribs, or turkey alongside one of our many flavorful sauces. Savor the taste of our infamous smoked meats and seasonings.

Don’t forget to try some of our favorite BBQ sauces; our sweet and bold habanero sauce, Kansas City style, and Hodel’s original sauce are all exceptional. From our ample variety of smoked meats to our world-famous fried chicken, or our ice-cold beverages and refreshments, there is something for everyone and every taste bud. So, come hungry for BBQ and get ready to have a wonderful time!

Reviews From Happy Customers

“Their Friday night BBQ night is AMAZING! I live out of town, so whenever we are near Bakersfield, we go the extra mile to come here.” – Lorraine F. 

“The thing that stood out the most was the awesome BBQ station they had for the dinner buffet. Tri-tip, Ribs, Brisket, Pulles Pork, BBQ beans and sausage. I tried them all! Let me tell you Yelpers, they were all very good. There were also 4-5 BBQ sauce options going on that I was definitely impressed with.” – Ed Z.

“I love Hodel’s because the food always tastes the way it’s supposed too. And the price? OMG!!! Unbelievable, $10 bucks for lunch all you can eat. On Fridays, the BBQ meats are fantastic.” – Tommy H.



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