Wedding Planning Tips

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Many brides have dreamt about their dream wedding for a long time. But finding the perfect venue for the occasion, and knowing what to consider can become stressful. Here’s our wedding planning tips and tricks guide.


We’ve all thought about where we would love to tie the knot. For most couples, the location they choose is a space where most of their guests can access. Whether you plan on having your special day close to home or far away, consider the logistics of getting your party to your venue’s site.

Almost all of us trust one of the navigation tools on our phones. Applications like Google Maps can be helpful and accurate most of the time, but you’ll save your guests a lot of trouble if you give them specific directions on how to get to your venue. No one wants to walk in late during the ceremony or miss the best moments. We advise you to take a test drive with your directions to make sure they are reliable for your guests.

Hodel’s is conveniently located right off the 99 freeway. Take the Olive Drive exit west and turn right at Knudsen Dr. Contact us for more details about directions to our facility, parking, and catering.

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Style and Guest Count

After everything’s said and done, your wedding is all about you, which is why we help highlight your unique style. Also, it’s important to know an estimate of your guest list early on to know what size facility will accommodate your party. And that’s why we included our facilities’ size capacities to keep you informed

Will your wedding be small and intimate? Our cozy Sun room seats 45 guests and is ideal for small-mid-size events. If heritage and grace is what you’re going for, our traditionally elegant Heritage room seats 125 guests and is fantastic for larger weddings.

Like most of us with big families, we want to make sure everyone is part of your big day. That’s why nothing compares to our grand banquet hall. Our stunning Liberty room is an experience you do not want to miss. Liberty seats 500 guests, making it the quintessential atmosphere for all large events.

Also, you can design your perfect menu depending on the size and needs of your group. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or throwing a modern style event, we are here to make certain that your special day is YOURS. Let Hodel’s Country Dining host your dream wedding.

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Food and Drinks

When it comes to your wedding’s food preparation, you can count on Hodel’s Catering to provide you and your guests an impeccable event every time. We will supply your event with fine china, flatware, stemware, quality disposable ware, or linen per person. We aim to satisfy all of your guests’ appetites, and that’s why we offer custom, plated meals upon request. From an Hors D’oeuvres selection to a full course dinner, customize your meal from our extensive catering menu. Let’s celebrate together.

Social Media

Scrolling through countless wedding images on Instagram is addicting, but it’s not all mindless. Social media tools like Instagram expose us to new decoration ideas, like colors schemes, patterns, banners, centerpieces, and more. Also, utilizing a hashtag is helpful when you’re looking to find ideas that center around your wedding’s theme. For example, searching hashtags like #CountryWedding or #RusticWedding on Instagram will bring you many images to base your style on. Make sure to Like Us on Facebook to read more of our wedding tips.

Your Dream Wedding Awaits

We know just how challenging and overwhelming the whole planning process can get – we’re here to help. Relax and enjoy your special day! You’ll make your life much easier by having a professional handle the details. With the charm and elegance that a fairy-tale wedding demands, Hodel’s understands how important it is to fulfill her expectations.

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